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Welcome to Belair Laser Kit Cutting

The Name to build on...

Thank you for visiting our site - dedicated to making model building easier and quicker.

As modellers, we all want to build a unique model from scratch, but are often put off by the time taken to cut parts out by hand. A Belair Parts Set will make the process of building your next Masterpiece much easier. No more copying parts, cutting or broken blades, just building - the part you enjoy ...

Belair Kits is Europe's largest Kit Cutting company and is accredited kit cutters to major scale designers including Nick Ziroli, Wendell Hostetler, Jerry Bates, Don Smith, Kerry Sterner, David Andersen, Jim Pepino, Dave Platt, Palmer Plans, Vailly Aviation, Tarvin Model Products, and Meister Scale.  

We also have a large range of Vintage/Old Timer Parts Sets, including rubber and power models, gliders and control line models. Our model boat and Yacht range is increasing rapidly too.



Please read the section - Belair Kits & FAQS- to discover what is in a Parts Set.

We also offer many complementary products to improve the quality of your model and make the build a simple and enjoyable process. We ship Worldwide daily and most International sales are also tax free, click here for details

Thank you for your interest and we hope to make you one of our valued customers. PLEASE READ THIS NOTE


67" Leprechaun Vintage Glider
Based on the original 103 inch Leprechaun and using all the same outlines and profiles, the 67 Leprechaun matches its bigger ...
Price: 90.00 Inc VAT
View » 67" Leprechaun Vintage Glider
Sopwith 1/2 Strutter - 42 inch electric scale
Sopwith 1/2 Strutter - 42 inch electric scale
Sopwith 1/2 Strutter The 1 1/2 Strutter proved to be one of the multi-role workhorses of WW1 Not only a good observation ...
Price: 80.00 Inc VAT
View » Sopwith 1/2 Strutter - 42 inch electric scale
Martin Model 167 "Maryland" by Jerry Bates
Martin Model 167
The Martin Model 167 was an American-designed medium bomber that first flew in 1939. It saw action in World War II with France ...
Price: 440.00 Inc VAT
View » Martin Model 167 "Maryland" by Jerry Bates

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