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BD-5D Parts Kit

BD-5D Parts Kit

Ref: pp-bd5

Specifications Name: BD-5D Scale: 1:12 Wingspan: 64.25" Length: 43.5 " Weight: 7lbs. 7oz. Drawing Sheets: 4 drawings 30" x 42" Plans Price: £45 Features For the experienced modeler who wants a fascinating project, we offer plans for Jim Bede's famous pusher prop airplane the BD-5D. Jim furnished drawings & a quarter scale prototype fiberglass fuselage to Palmer Plans to assure scale authenticity. Jim himself built quarter scale prototypes for testing. The tiny mid-engine aerobatic airplane has a wing span of only 64.25" & a length of 43.5". This long wing version has a target weight of 7 lbs., 7 oz., dry, & a wing area of 505.8 sq. in. The K.&B. . 40 engine is enclosed in a well ventilated mid-fuselage position behind the cockpit & is connected ( via a machined stainless steel driveshaft mounted in miniature aircraft bearings) to the pusher prop. Engineering details are provided for the machine work of the drive shaft and coupling assemblies. R.C. operation is 5 channel. Equipped with mechanical retracts, this offering is for the experienced modeler who can follow clear self-explanitory plans, which consist of 4- 30"x42" sheets.

Price: 165.00 Inc VAT
181.50 USD | 195.33 EUR

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