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MkV Short Sunderland Parts set - Palmer

MkV Short Sunderland Parts set - Palmer

Ref: pp-sundpk

Specifications Name: MkV Short Sunderland Scale: 1:12 Wingspan: 112.79" Length: 85.625 " Features The recent addition to our 1:12 scale series is a British military flying boat, the Short Sunderland Mk V. This giant 4 engine airplane has a wingspan of 112.79 ", a wing area of 1487.61 sq. in. & a length of 85.625", & is designed to break down into 4 sections, a two part hull & removable wings for easy transport. Powered by 4-O.S. .25FP engines, or 4- O.S. Wankel Rotary, with a target weight, water based, (using the .25's), of approx. 13 lbs./ 8 oz. dry, & a wing loading of 20.92 oz.per sq ft.. It has full house operation with Fowler Flaps. Included are plans for authentic removable Beaching Gear. The addition of these will enable the flyer to be land or water based. This design, of conventional balsa & plywood construction is balsa sheathed, & was developed, unmodified from Short Bros. factory drawings to insure absolute true scale. Cowls are designed to be built-up. The Instruction Manual includes Dimensions & Aerodynamic Particulars. The drawings have 5-36"x72" sheets. Plans are not in the Parts kit and must be purchased separately.

Price: 365.00 Inc VAT
390.55 USD | 397.85 EUR

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